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Package submitted by pieterh
08 Nov 2009 11:10

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This module provides a per-page wishlist. It provides a list of open and closed wishes, and a link to create new wishes. It uses the wish: category to store wishes.


To install this module in your site, create/edit these pages with the following content:

This page Contains this line
wish:_template [[include :csi:include:wishlist-template]]

To install, create wish:_template containing [[include :csi:include:wishlist-template]] and then in your site manager, mark the wish category as autonumbered. Put this code into your primary page template where you want the wishlist to appear: [[include :csi:include:wishlist]].

Include files

Wishlist container By pieterh 08 Nov 2009 11:10
Wishlist template By pieterh 08 Nov 2009 11:10

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