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Advanced Search
Package submitted by tsangk
28 Nov 2011 12:23

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This CSI replaces the [[module Search]] in the search:site page of each wiki. It adds three additional filters:

  • title
  • author (user)
  • category

Below is a mock up (doesn't work). Alternatively, click here to go to a test site.


To install this package in your site, create/edit these pages with the following content:

This page Contains this line
search:site (or define the page)1 [[include :csi:include:adv-search]]


Parameter Description Default Value Accepted Values
define where you have placed this CSI (if it wasn't in the search:site page) search:site the page in which this CSI is placed in
text string for the search button Search any string
css CSS Code for within the advanced search box none CSS Code
mini Removes the row of radio buttons false true or false
showTitle toggles the visibility of the title field block none, no, false to hide; block,yes,true to show
showAuthor toggles the visibility of the author field block none, no, false to hide; block,yes,true to show
showCategory toggles the visibility of the category field block none, no, false to hide; block,yes,true to show
hideFilters hides the entire filters block and overrides existing showXX visibility toggles false true or false
Default values:
defaultTitle default value for the title field none any string (no space)
defaultAuthor default value for the author field none any string (no space)
defaultCategory default value for the category field none any string (no space)
defaultMode defines the default mode for searching (pages, pages and forum and forum) pf (pages and forum) p (pages only)
pf (pages and forum)
f (forum only)
Enforce options:
enforceDefault overrides user-defined filter options (if any) or enforce filter options (if none) for all search results false true or false
enforceMode overrides user-defined search mode option and enforces the default mode set by defaultMode false true or false

Completely replace the content that is already on the page with [[include :csi:include:adv-search]]

Translate / Alter Labels

In addition to the parameters above, you may use the following to alter the labels displayed in within the search box. This opens the possibility to change the language of the search as well as customizing the text to better suit the site.

Parameter Default Value Accepts
stringEnforceNote **Note:** Search result may reload once in order to be displayed. This is normal. accepts Wiki Syntax
stringPagesOnly pages only accepts HTML tags
stringPF pages and forum accepts HTML tags
stringForumOnly forum only accepts HTML tags
stringAdditional Additional Filters: accepts HTML tags
stringTitle Title contains… accepts HTML tags
stringAuthor Author contains… accepts HTML tags
stringCategory Category(ies) are… accepts HTML tags

Changelog (v. 75)

last updated 01 May 2012 11:55

Browser Compatibility

CSI was built and tested on the latest version of Google Chrome.
Version 75 was tested to be working in the following browsers/versions:

  • Google Chrome 18.0.1025.162 m
  • Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2
  • Internet Explorer 9.0.6

This does not mean that this CSI will not function correctly in other browsers. If you encounter any problems with running Advanced Search CSI in any browser, please report below.

Advanced Usage

Include files

Advanced Search Include By tsangk 28 Nov 2011 12:25
Advanced Search Include Backend By tsangk 29 Nov 2011 06:42

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