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Twitter Widget
Package submitted by leiger
25 Nov 2010 09:37

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This package gives you an easy-to-install twitter widget for your Wikidot site! It is any easy-to-use implementation of the CSS3 Style Twitter Widget on the snippets site (created by froopi420).


How to Install

To install this package in your site, use this code:
(replace the default values with your own, or delete any of the attributes completely)

[[include :csi:include:twitter-widget |width=2 |height=2 |username=wikidot |scrollbar=true ]]

Attribute Description Possible values Default value
width Width of widget, in hundreds of pixels Any integer 2 (which means 200px)
height Height of widget, in hundreds of pixels Any integer 2 (which means 200px)
username Your username Any valid twitter username wikidot
scrollbar Sets whether the scrollbar is shown or not true, false true

Note: To use the default value, just delete that attribute from the code.

Live example

The example above uses this code (only the width is changed, everything else uses the default values)

[[include :csi:include:twitter-widget |width=4 ]]

Include files

twitter-widget By leiger 25 Nov 2010 09:51
twitter-widget-backend By leiger 25 Nov 2010 09:41

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