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Site manager shortener
Package submitted by Arotaritei Vlad
04 Aug 2010 06:20

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This is a shortener for the site manager. The include is a link to the most important things in the site manager.



attribute allowed values required default value description
site valid site name yes csi The domain name.
option one of these links no The options (see in the links sections).
page valid page name no admin:manage The page of the site manager.
title text no Site manager The title of the link.

NOTE: The default value of the options is blank. This means
< this means start page


customthemes - The custom themes for your site.
openid - The OpeID panel.
permissions - The permissions for the categories.
favicon - Favicon
notifications - The news around your site.
license - The pages license.
backup - This option allows you to create and download a snapshot of this site.
files - The files uploaded in your site.
templates - The live templates from your site.
toolbars - The Wikidot toolbars.
deletesite - The site deleter.

How to use

[[include :csi:include:manage site=mtjawd | page=admin:_admin-panel | title=Admin Dashboard | option=customthemes]]

Admin Dashboard

Include files

Site manager shortener By Arotaritei Vlad 04 Aug 2010 06:37
Site manager backend By Arotaritei Vlad 04 Aug 2010 06:38

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