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Composeto Shortener
Package submitted by Arotaritei Vlad
03 Aug 2010 13:33

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This is only a shortener for the Wikidot private messages.

NOTE: This module is totally useless because of the new Wikidot dashboard. Instead of this module, please use this module.



attribute required allowed values default description
userid no a valid wikidot userid 1 the wikidot id to send the message
title no link title send a message the title of the link

How to use

[[include :csi:include:composeto userid=421284 | title=send me a private message]]

send me a private message

Include files

Composeto By Arotaritei Vlad 03 Aug 2010 13:35
Composeto Backend By Arotaritei Vlad 03 Aug 2010 13:37

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