CSI folded TOC
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CSI folded TOC
Package submitted by Steven Heynderickx
02 Dec 2009 17:31

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By default a table of contents is visible if you use it. This CSI keeps it closed and you can enter titles for the two states its in (open closed)


To install this package in your site, create/edit these pages with the following content:

This page Contains this line
include:folded-toc [[include :csi:include:folded-toc]]

This is the code of the CSI

[[module CSS]]
.foldedtoc #toc #toc-action-bar{display:none}
.foldedtoc #toc .title{display:none;border:0px solid black;}
.foldedtoc #toc {border:0px solid black;margin:0 0 0 -0,9em;background-color:#ddf;}
.foldedtoc .collapsible-block-link {text-decoration:none}
[[div class="foldedtoc" style="border:1px grey dashed;float:left;background-color:#ddf;margin:10px"]]
[[div style="margin:10px"]]
[[collapsible show="{$title_open}" hide="{$title_closed}"]]

To embed a folded TOC include this

 [[include :csi:include:folded-toc
title_open=Open table of contents|
title_closed=Close Table of contents]]

You can adjust the titles off course!

Include files

[[table class="{$class}" style="border-collapse: collapse; width:100%; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight:bold; background-color:#eeeeee;"]]


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