Guidelines for contributing to this site:

Discuss first, post after

This site is for mature and stable packages. Please experiment, develop, and test elsewhere and bring the results here when you have people actually using the results. You should discuss on the projects forum beforehand.

Improve, don't duplicate

If there is an existing package you want to improve, work with the author of that package (on the projects forum!) to improve the package with your ideas. The standard process is: suggest ideas, and if needed, copy the code, add your changes, and propose the new results. Working with other people is the best way to make packages better.

Respect the site structure

Please do not create arbitrary categories on this site. A package goes into package:whatever and include files go into include:whatever. If your package needs many include files, JavaScript, etc. please use a separate site to act as host for the application. This site is for small, specific CSIs.

Use a good name for your CSIs

The include: category holds all CSIs so your names must be friendly to users and other package developers. This means choosing CSI names that are explicit and memorable. Names like "include:code" are really not nice.

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